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I'd rather be dead than cool
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22nd-Mar-2007 12:14 pm(no subject)
I love how pathetic celebrities are. And how they thing adopting children and going to rehab is a game.

that is so fucking careless.

Fuck hollywood. And the whole god damn west coast.
21st-Mar-2007 06:44 pm(no subject)
I feel so fucking fat and gross.

I gained so much weight and everyday when I get dressed I just want to take a knife and cut my fat off.....

I have been real down on myself lately.

I hope I can stay strong with my goals this summer and lose all my weight being the main one.
I am sick of being fat and ugly.


16th-Mar-2007 04:31 pm(no subject)
oh, to hell with it
I'm gonna have a party

I had the blankest year
I saw life turn into a T.V. show
It was totally weird
The person I knew I didn't really know

Time don't move
We're the only ones who do
Bendin' reason
'Cause its all we hold on to

I had the blankest year
I saw life turn into a T.V. show
It was totally weird
The person I knew I didn't really know

And I was lonely
Thank god the band's doing well
But you don't own me
I'd like to return this spell
'Cause it's not my size
And your lies are so much bigger than my lies
And your ties are made of things that shouldn't be ties

Oh, fuck it
I'm gonna have a party
15th-Mar-2007 12:27 pm(no subject)
You went back to what you knew
So far removed from all that we went through
And I tread a troubled track
My odds are stacked
I'll go back to black

We only said good-bye with words
I died a hundred times
14th-Mar-2007 09:53 am(no subject)
I wish my name was Cobra Nixon....or Pickle Nixon.

dear god.

i need to get some sleep...
7th-Mar-2007 04:11 pm(no subject)
You know what is the best feeling...not being attached or tied down to anyone.

fuckin a.

I am pretty sure everyone should share my extreme love for Beck's music.
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See the vegetable man
In the vegetable van
With a horn that's honking
Like a mariachi band
Guero, where are you going?
Que' onda guero?

I washed my 504 plan hoodie for the first time in well...probably a year or so. And I totally forgot I wore it to work one day and got copper sulfate on it...so now it has pink blotches all over it....haha.
26th-Feb-2007 06:25 pm(no subject)
Well I was sick for one night...which was horrible. So thank goodness my white blood cells kick ass.

Anyways tonight I plan on going out and drinking a few beers with a kick ass friend.

Everything is starting to look up for me. I am pretty happy, nothing to frown about.

Nick and I talked about making music together, I think I am ready to actually let others hear my voice...I was blessed with one so why not use it? I am excited...and I trust him.
Nicci and I are talking again after our longest time apart(I swear we act like a couple who have been together for like 6 years.) So that is good...I am glad that now when we get into arguements we say what we need to say and then we just take time apart from each other to cool off. And when one of us is ready they will call up the other and ask to go out for coffee. It is awesome. But yeah I am glad we are good now.

These days I have been hanging out with anyone that wants to hangout. Unlike a few months ago when I didn't really do anything. I am glad I am getting better at answering my phone...instead of thinking it is the devil.

I can not CAN NOT! wait for spring! I will be working out and getting in shape. It is time I finally lost my badunkadunk. haha. I also plan on enjoying Chicago this summer...I feel like I have been neglecting the best city in the world!

Then hopefully come summer/fall, not a set date I will be moving out...hopefully into a house with some other people. But first I must buy a car, nothing too big...I was set on a jetta but whatever I will settle for whatever gets me from point a to point b. I guess I am not that picky...just knowing it will be all mine is awesome!

I hate the taurus...which feels like it is going to explode everytime I drive it. Haha.

But yeah well that is my update. I hope everyone else is doing good.


oh and p.s. I am in LOVE with Amy Winehouse's song Rehab...so good!
24th-Feb-2007 04:40 am(no subject)
I am about to cough up a lung....I am pretty sure I am gonna be coming down with something soon.

My mom and sister have been sick all week...in bed...
6th-Feb-2007 07:52 pm(no subject)
In my eyes, forgiveness is one of the best gifts a person can give someone. It is one of a human's best traits, qualities. It shows that you can be a bigger person and move on. Because in life, we need to always keep moving. Holding grudges and cursing people's names is like constantly walking in place, or even walking backwards. I feel like forgiving this week..

Shit happens...god knows I have lived my life stating that more times than I have probably said hello.

This spring I look forward to the new Modest Mouse album, and the new Kings of Leon album. And then I look forward to going to more concerts.

and right now, right this moment I look forward to the new episode of House M.D. that is coming on in three minutes.

5th-Feb-2007 05:49 pm(no subject)
For the next month or more I am only drinking water. Along with the occasional cup of coffee.

I would really like to drink beer every night so that I can numb the pain of the Bears losing the superbowl.

None the less I am pumped for the Cubs...White sox can eat a dick.

I am also still behind Rex Grossman, yeah he has pissed me off many times this year. But I mean come on...He was a rookie and got us to the Superbowl and all everyone did was bash on him all season. Where as other rookie quarter backs who made it to the superbowl got praised...so why did everyone constantly insult the man? yeesh. Now he has a full season under his belt and I look forward to seeing his improvements next season. I can't wait! Go bears! I still love you. And Robbie Gould...you and I baby...getting married hahahahaha.

I hope Urlacher doesn't back out of the pro bowl...he is awesome.

well that is it. Nothing too exciting going on.

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